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The 6 module How-To Video course on learning how to find and close MASSIVE tracts of land and make hundreds of thousands of dollars on 1 transaction.


From: Willny Guifarro

Houston, TX

As the founder and CEO of Equity of Texas, I have the rare opportunity to see and solve the problems of many real estate investment companies that come to me asking for help।

I get to see what’s working and what's not

Recently I spoke with 25 of my close friends in the industry, They do very well but I was trying to find out what is preventing them from grossing a million or more every year and why they think that is

Then something cool happened...

I found that it had almost NOTHING to do with:

  • Having Having more leads
  • Having more employees
  • Having more systems

But instead, it had everything to do with:

  • Low ROI Marketing campaigns
  • Lack of knowledge when it comes to underwriting deals
  • Not thinking big enough
  • Quantity over Quality

Finding this out, I structured an outrageously fruitful course called “Flipping Acres 101”

This course is for you if …

  • You want to learn how to properly market to vacant land owners
  • You want to learn how to analyze these huge vacant land deals
  • You want to learn how to close MASSIVE wholesale fees while not increasing your marketing budget - Just by redirecting your marketing efforts

So if you’re ready to commit, get your hands on this course right away!

Save yourself years of Trial & Error by using my blueprint to land you MASSIVE real estate


Why struggle along, trying to figure things out for yourself? I did this exact thing and It took me 8 months to get my first wholesale deal back in 2015. Use my blueprint to learn to analyze every land deal that comes in your pipeline. It could be a 5,000 sqft lot or a 50 acre development deal.

Are you ready to change your life by learning how I close multiple 6-figure vacant land deals on the regular? Than my grab my masterclass ASAP

Who Is Willny Guifarro?

Willny Guifarro is a Real Estate Investor originally from Pompano Beach FL. He is a very passionate man with a hunger for finding the NEXT BIG DEAL.

He has experience owning and managing millions of dollars in Multi-Family real estate as well making millions of dollars through his wholesale company.

He has taught 100s of people the business throughout the years and is very passionate about bringing people into the industry

Take A Quick Look Into What My Course Offers:

Intro To Flipping Acres 101

A clear-cut picture of what the course entails, what you can expect to learn, and how we will make sure you succeed

Lead Generation & Marketing

Learn the importance of marketing seller leads, and understand what it takes to source owners selling large acre plots of land while maintaining excellent customer relations.

Analyzing Land Deals

What’s a deal worth doing & what’s not? Learn to analyze, evaluate, and get into the details of what kind of deals you should be investing your limited time in.

Lock The Deal Up

Train yourself to understand the lingo and how to put these large properties under contract with your owner.

Selling Acres To Buyers

The step-by-step checklist my Disposition Manager uses to sell acres to hungry developers and/or regular buyers looking for more land

Close The Deal

The final step to cashing big checks - How to get it across the finish line & Get paid

Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get When You Enroll In The

'Flipping Acres 101' Program Today!

  • Intro To Flipping Acres 101
  • Lead Generation & Marketing
  • Analyzing Land Deals
  • Lock The Deal Up
  • Selling Acres To Buyers
  • Close The Deal

($97 .00 Value)

($297 .00 Value)

($997 .00 Value)

($397 .00 Value)

($497 .00 Value)

($497 .00 Value)

  • Intro To Flipping Acres 101 - ($97 .00 Value)
  • Lead Generation & Marketing - ($297 .00 Value)
  • Analyzing Land Deals - ($997 .00 Value)
  • Lock The Deal Up - ($397 .00 Value)
  • Selling Acres To Buyers - ($497 .00 Value)
  • Close The Deal - ($497 .00 Value)

Total Value: $2782.00

Enroll In The Course Today For Just $2782.00 $699.00

What Some Of My Other Clients Say…

Finally, Do Any Of These Statements Ring True?

  • I am a real estate wholesaler struggling to land profitable deals that cover my expenses.
  • I am landing more deals but their returns are poor compared to the time and effort I put in.
  • I am confused about the right way to analyze my deals & work towards development opportunities for my business in the long run.

Then prepare yourself to revitalize the high ambition you’ve set for yourself & win big in the real estate industry

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